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Jun 06, 2024

SEG Solar awarded "Top Performer" in 7 tests by Kiwa PVEL in 2024 PV Module Reliability Scorecard


June 5, 2024- Kiwa PVEL, the leading independent test lab for the downstream solar and energy storage industry, released its 2024 PV Module Reliability Scorecard, with SEG Solar ("SEG") once again being named a global "Top Performer" module manufacturer for the third consecutive year, with its Alpine N Series modules excelling in all 7 tests.


Kiwa PVEL, recognized for its pioneering independent testing and Product Qualification Program (PQP), annually subjects PV modules to rigorous assessments, setting an industry benchmark for long-term reliability and performance. PQP encompasses tests such as Thermal Cycling (TC), Damp Heat (DH), Mechanical Stress Sequence (MSS), Hail Stress Sequence (HSS), PID, LID+ LeTID, and PAN Performance.

Over a six-month PQP testing period, SEG‘s YUKON N and ALPINE N Series modules underwent a battery of stringent evaluations, including 600 thermal cycles, 2,000 hours of damp heat testing, 192 hours of PID testing, and dynamic mechanical load testing. The outcomes affirmed that SEG's products, ranging from YUKON N Series to ALPINE N Series, excel in performance, enduring stability, and reliability, positioning them among Kiwa PVEL's Top Performers.


Amidst a pivotal moment for global renewable energy development, the revised U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) has significantly bolstered the solar sector, heightening demand for high-performance, highly reliable PV modules. SEG's repeated recognition as a "Top Performer" by Kiwa PVEL not only stamps its products with a seal of premium quality but also garners the company’s international attention, particularly facilitating enhanced focus and cooperation opportunities in the North American market.

“SEG Solar's outstanding PQP test results for performance and reliability have earned them the 'Top Performer' title for three consecutive years, reinforcing their commitment to the selection of BOMs and product quality,” noted Tristan Erion-Lorico, VP of Sales and Marketing at Kiwa PVEL. “The Kiwa PVEL team particularly congratulates them for earning Top Performer status in all test categories for their Alpine N Series modules.”

Jim Wood, CEO of SEG, stated, "Relying on Kiwa PVEL's PQP and Scorecard, SEG Solar has consistently adhered to the promise of quality and reliability. This renewed recognition underscores SEG Solar's competitive edge in promoting American energy independence and global sustainable development."


About SEG Solar

Founded in 2016, SEG is a leading vertically integrated PV manufacturer headquartered in Houston, Texas, U.S., and is dedicated to delivering reliable and cost-effective solar modules to the utility, commercial and residential markets. By the end of 2023, SEG has shipped over 5 GW of solar modules worldwide. The company is expected to exceed a production capacity of 5.5 GW by the end of 2024.


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