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May 27, 2024

SEG Solar Unveils Localized Supply Chain and Traceability Plan at 2024 PV ModuleTech Conference USA


Held on May 21st-22nd in Napa, California, the PV ModuleTech Conference USA provided two invaluable days of fact-finding for module buyers, investors, and third-party stakeholders involved in the US ecosystem of module production, importing, buying, and deployment. Jim Wood, the CEO of SEG Solar (SEG), was invited as the first enterprise speaker to present SEG’s supply chain and traceability plan for the US and global markets.


As a premier Texas-based solar module manufacturer, SEG prepares to kick off trial runs at its Houston 2GW N-type PV module factory on August 8th. Beyond manufacturing, the Houston facility will boast an advanced R&D and Testing Center, equipped with cutting-edge technology such as LID Test and Wet Leakage Current Test systems, ensuring top-notch product quality. Collaborating with local community colleges for workforce training underscores SEG’s commitment to bolstering local economies and fostering skilled manufacturing talent. Furthermore, SEG's vision extends globally, with plans underway to establish manufacturing centers throughout the Americas, emphasizing local resources to maintain impeccable standards.


The US government's steadfast support for domestic renewable enterprises is evident. The White House has announced new tariffs on cells to South Asian countries and AD/CVD regulations for Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia, effective June 2024. Additionally, the Inflation Reduction Act allocates approximately $370 billion towards climate and energy initiatives, including $30 billion earmarked for tax credits aimed at renewable energy production, carbon capture, sequestration, and advanced manufacturing. In sync, the Biden-Harris Administration is investing $71 million to bolster American solar manufacturing and development, benefitting 18 projects.


Jim Wood remarked, “With robust backing from the US government, these global policies fortify our commitment to fostering renewable energy development in the United States and achieving energy independence. SEG Solar is poised to capitalize on these initiatives.” He continued, “Our journey in the solar industry reflects a dedication to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Solar energy isn't just a business; it's an essential component of our global fight against climate change, securing a sustainable future for generations.”


In a significant move, SEG has acquired over 105 acres of land from the Indonesian Government, laying the groundwork for Southeast Asia's largest photovoltaic industrial zone in Central Java. This strategic endeavor underscores SEG's dedication to delivering premium-quality, reliable products to global markets.

With a focus on the US market and leveraging local advantages, SEG remains steadfast in expanding its business footprint while refining its global strategy, driving forward the industry's comprehensive advancement.


About SEG Solar

Founded in 2016, SEG is a leading vertically integrated PV manufacturer headquartered in Houston, Texas, U.S., and is dedicated to delivering reliable and cost-effective solar modules to the utility, commercial and residential markets. By the end of 2023, SEG has shipped over 5 GW of solar modules worldwide. The company is expected to exceed a production capacity of 5.5 GW by the end of 2024.


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